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Mixing Trays

Order Granite Ceramic Mixing Tray safe & comfortable

EASY Wet Ceramic compact ceramic mixing and moisture retaining plate
Exceptional design, perfect ergonomics and the finest materials made of natural stone (Granite Star Galaxy) are the hallmarks of the dental mixing range. From a liquid reservoir, the dental technician can keep the ceramic masses permanently moist and ready for processing with a newly developed fleece. The continuous liquid absorption of the fleece cylinders prevents the mixed ceramic masses from drying out in the ceramic department. A liquid reservoir with a fleece for viscous consistency, stability, moist layering of the dental ceramic, ensures homogeneous sintering, prevents the strong shrinkage and tearing of the pontics of ceramic crowns and ceramic bridges.

The ceramic can soak up to the ideal degree of saturation, the viscosity remains as if freshly mixed and this makes it easier to pick up with the tip of a brush. The result is efficient workflows in the dental laboratory, best modelling properties with a ceramic brush or dental brush and aesthetically brilliant colour results for dental crowns and bridges. The lid is removable and does not hinder layering. After work, the opaque and tightly closing lid protects the mixed ceramic masses - whether metal-ceramic, solid-ceramic, glass-ceramic, zircon ceramic, lithium disilicates, shoulder masses and regardless of whether high-fusing or low-fusing. The individual parts are easy to clean and protect against dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Fleece Cylinder for Ceramics Mixing Pallets and Mixing Plates
Dirt-repellent and antibacterial fleece cylinder to maintain the viscosity of ceramic & porcelain masses. The masses are kept permanently moist and ready for processing in the laboratory. Due to the capillary effect of the fleece cylinders without paper content, the dental technicians have the certainty that drying out of the ceramic masses on the mixing pallet is impossible. The ceramic can soak up to the ideal degree of saturation, the viscosity remains as if freshly mixed.

Universal Fleece Strips for Ceramics Mixing Plate and Moisturizing Plate
The reusable strips keep the ceramic masses permanently moist and workable. The mixed dental materials do not dry out, so there is no need to remoisten and mix the powder, this also prevents microbubbles in the veneer. The ceramists save time, material and nerves.

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