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Abrasive Stones for Ceramic & Zircon

Diamonded Stones for Dental Ceramics, Zirconium & Metal order cheap at our Web-Shop

Hurricane® Ceramic trimmer abrasive grinders with long tool life

The abrasive stones in the shapes inverted cone, goblet, chalice, conical, wheel, lens, parallel, cylinder and flame shape, large or small and are available in the colours yellow, green, beige, brown, latte. It is possible to trim dental fissures, tooth shape, ceramic surface structure or surface texture in anterior aesthetics, dental crowns, bridges, telescopes & veneers made of all ceramic materials, such as layering ceramics, zirconium, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), glass ceramics, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics and regardless of whether they are high-fusing, low-fusing or monolithic (multi-layered). Due to its shape and the adapted grit size, the diamond trimmer brown lens is also suitable for trimming separated press ceramic canals and for precious metal & non-precious base metal alloys based on cobalt-chromium (CoCr) in the dental laboratory. Our grinding instruments with hybrid grits consisting of a ceramic or resin bond and specially matched natural diamonds, allow gentle processing of sintered ceramics in the ceramic department and CAD/CAM Department.

Natural diamonds are usually much sharper than synthetic diamonds and offer the advantage of working rationally and efficiently. The tool grinds cool & quiet without overheating the material structure, therefore no micro-cracks or chipping occur on the surface. The metal-free bond prevents black streaks or grey lines. These dental instruments do not need to be cleaned or stripped because they sharpen themselves by removing the diamond coating.

Hurricane® Bur Block for FG or HP grinding tools
Stylish drill stands made of V2A stainless steel for the dental laboratory and dental practice. They are suitable for the safe positioning and storage of FG or HP drills with shank thickness 1.6 mm and 2.35 mm. With 19, 62, 101 slots, the display offers sufficient space for rotating instruments such as dental drills, finishers, diamond discs, ceramic trimmers, ceramic polishers, tungsten carbide cutters, metal polishers in wheel and roller form, non-precious & precious metal polishers, spiral cutters, wax cutters, parallel and conical cutters.

In the ceramic department of dental technology or during the patient treatment in the practice, you always have the diamond grinder clearly arranged and ready to hand. The grinders are easy to insert and just as easy to remove. The instrument stands are easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or autoclave. Optionally, you have the possibility to have your name or logo permanently laser engraved.

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