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Ceramic Insulation

Insulating agent for dental ceramics from own development & production

EASY Sep Ceramic the solvent-free and safe ceramic insulation
The EASY Sep Ceramic is a dental insulation which is adapted to the dental technology and safely separates the ceramic layer from the plaster surface. The separating agent has a low viscosity and is colour neutral. The insulating film lasts for a long time without having to re-insulate. The ceramic insulation, has an excellent insulating effect, burns ash free without leaving any residues, such as white discoloration, and is therefore suitable for all ceramics in the dental laboratory.

It burns without residue, leaves no residues such as white stains and is therefore suitable for all ceramics in the dental laboratory, such as dental crowns, dental bridges, veneers, made of metal-ceramic, solid-ceramic, glass-ceramic, zircon ceramic or lithium disilicate and regardless of whether they are high-fusing, low-fusing or monolithic (multi-layered). The ceramic insulation is solvent-free, it does not emit any vapours or odours that are hazardous to health. Pure skin contact is therefore harmless and thus safe to use for dental technicians in the ceramic department.

EASY The Hardener
The universal plaster hardener for dental plasters, such as impression plaster, alabaster plaster, model hard plaster, super hard plaster and regardless of whether it has low or high expansion. The transparent hardener has a thickness of 0µ, therefore it does not spread, is completely absorbed into the plaster, closes the pores and hardens the plaster surface. The insulation can therefore not be absorbed and offers the user the security of safe insulation.

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