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Water Bowls

Aesthetic accessories for dental ceramists

Water bowls made of natural stones for dental brushes, layer brushes & paint brushes
Agate, Rock Crystal, Petrified Wood (Dendrolite), Polychrome Jasper, Rose Quartz, Orangecalcit, Sodalite and Septaria Water bowls made of natural stone for dental technology. With the Brush Pool from nature, you have a cleaning bath with which you can clean ceramic brushes, layer brushes, stain brushes, opaque brushes made of red sable hair (natural hair) from the Siberian fire weasel (Mustela sibirica) or vegan synthetic hair. In the ceramic department, a water bowl for cleaning dental brushes is necessary for the production of dental crowns, bridges and veneers made of ceramics and zirconium. The bowl is a piece of jewellery on your workplace in the dental practice and dental labs.

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