Sculpturing Wax

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EASY Mod Scraping Wax & Milling Wax Set
Due to the lowered working temperature, dental technicians in the precious metal department have good modelling and scraping properties with minimal shrinkage. The transparency of the wax enables the wax layer thickness to be reliably controlled during milling with the spiral milling cutters. Special additives in the formulation enable a clean chip formation and create a smooth surface in

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the manual milling technique in the milling machine. It is optimal for all requirements in the combination technique, such as combined dentures of primary crowns, double crowns, telescopic crowns, conical crowns, removable telescopic dentures.

EASY Mod Crown Wax Set - For Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
The optimal dental crowns and bridge waxes for all requirements in the gnathological wax-up technique. You have the safety to model the cusps, marginal ridges, main fissures (longitudinal fissure) and secondary fissures of the occlusal surface adaptively. It is not greasy or brittle and is optimally suited for the crown technique, bridge technique, partial crowns and inlays. With the shades Cappuccino (as dentine core) and Incisal, the technicians in the laboratory can easily model tooth shades in A3 and A3.5 as wax-ups and then press them.

EASY Mod Dipping Wax
The flexible wax for dipping caps for the production of highly elastic and dimensionally stable wax copings for telescope technique, cone technique, crowns, bridges. The dipping temperature of 85-87°C ensures that the wax coping does not deform when you apply milling wax, modelling wax or cervical wax on it.

EASY Mod Cervical Wax
For modelling exact crown margins, cervical margins (marginal fit) of the tooth crown, dental bridge, partial crown and inlays. It is transparent during modelling and allows a controlled application of the cervical margin, because the marking of the preparation border can be seen.

EASY Mod Connection Wax
The dental wax for sprueing and connecting wax wire, casting sprues (pear shape, lost head), clasps, wax profiles, attachments and for blocking wax auxiliary parts, wax finished parts. Special additives in the formulation offer a high adhesive strength which provides more safety when bonding dental materials. The firm consistency prevents distortion and cracking of the model.

The EASY Mod Series - Organic Dental Waxes
All Mod modelling waxes have an organic composition, burn ash free without leaving any residue and are suitable for the casting technique, metal casting as well as for press ceramics.

EASY Tec Thermo Wax
For blocking out undercuts of tooth models made of dental plaster, for covering springs in orthodontics, for making duplication moulds, sports mouthguards, crunch protection, positioners, bleaching splints made of elastic, soft elastic and hard-elastic foils. The Block Out Wax has good modelling properties, adheres very well to the plaster model and does not loosen during scraping. The heat-resistant special wax for the thermoforming technique provides smooth wax surfaces and prevents milky, discoloured or cloudy plastic foils after thermoforming. It can be easily boiled or steamed off with a steam jet.