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Rotating instruments in industrial quality for your WawiBox order without price comparison here in our Web Shop

Diamond Discs and Polishers for Ceramics and Zirconium in Assortment with matching Accessories
Dental Cutting Discs for separating, contouring and cutting off supports in the ceramic press technique, plastic/acrylics veneers, plaster/saw-cut models. The sintered diamond disc leaves no black lines or grey stripes, has a long tool life & good cutting performance. Dental Polisher for finishing and polishing of veneering materials, for minimal frictional heat and brilliant results without polishing paste or glaze firing in dental furnace. For dental ceramics such as metal-ceramics, solid-ceramics, glass-ceramics, zircon ceramics, lithium disilicate and hybrid ceramics. The grit sizes of the diamond instruments for the handpiece prevent microcracks on the ceramic surface during polishing. Due to the material properties, this tool is also suitable for IPS e.max and Celtra Press.

CHARMING miniature Polishing Brush 21 mm, Brush Wheel 60 mm Goat Hair & Chungking Brushes 50, 60, 70, 80 mm (1, 2, 4 rows)
The scaly and rough texture of Charming's premium natural hair brushes are particularly suitable for picking up, applying diamond pastes, polishing pastes, pumice powder, pumice stone powder for pre-polishing and high gloss polishing. The dental brushes are suitable for polishing dental materials such as crowns, bridges, interdental spaces made of layered ceramics, zirconium, zirconium oxide (multilayer), glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics, veneers (IPS e.max & Celtra Press), composites, denture resins, prefabricated teeth and for model casting alloys made of precious, as well as non precious metal based on cobalt-chrome.

The coordinated hair quality and hardness of the goat hair brushes in combination with the diamond polishing paste smoothes the surface of the denture. The mounted goat hair brush with a diameter of 21 mm, a narrow shape & the unmounted polishing disc with a diameter of 60 mm, a pointed shape are suitable for the surface of ceramic restorations, interdental areas, occlusal surfaces of plastic dentures and plastic teeth. The Chungking brushes with a diameter of 50, 60, 70, 80 mm and their pointed shape are suitable for the surface of model casting alloys, for combined dentures such as removable clasp dentures and telescopic dentures based on cobalt-chrome.

The unmounted wheel brushes for the polishing motor & the mounted wheel brushes for the handpiece, are very robust, elastic, have a long tool life and are “Made in Germany”.

Order Diamond Trimmers, FG/HP Diamond Grinders, Sintered Diamond Instruments, Bur Block, Mandrels & Adapters comfortably & quickly online
Abrasive stones in brown, green, latte, yellow and in conical, wheel, lens, cone and flame shape to trim all ceramic materials gently and efficiently and the grinding of separated press channels. The hybrid grit of the DCB grinders, made of a ceramic and specially matched natural diamond bond, grind cool & quiet, without heating the material structure, therefore no micro cracks on the surface. Sintered diamond grinders (DSB grinders) with a sintered bond are completely filled with diamond grains. The galvanic metal bond of the sintered diamonds produces a smooth grinding pattern. FG dental drills and finishers for turbine, for grinding and preparing teeth. Mandrel for polishing rollers and polishing wheels. HP diamond drill for the handpiece for grinding the surface contour, shape and structure. Mandrel for water-cooled turbine instruments 1.6 mm into the handpiece 2.35 mm. Sterilizable drill stand made of stainless V2A steel for the dental labs and dental practice. The instrument stands are easy to clean in the ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or in the autoclaves. Optionally you can have a laser inscription engraved/marked with your desired text or logo.

High Quality Cross-Cut Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Metal Polisher, Dressing Tool & Cleaning Stone
Conical milling cutters, parallel milling cutters and wax spiral milling cutters for the efficient surface treatment of combined dentures such as removable clasp dentures, telescopic dentures & telescopes in the model casting department and in milling technology Due to an optimal rotation speed of the rotating instruments for the handpiece & the milling device, the milling cutters do not tear or hook in and produce smooth surfaces on dental materials. The fine and coarse toothing in combination with the milling oil for cooling and lubricating enables a longer life of the milling tools. Silicone polisher & rubber polisher in wheel, roller and pin form for easy processing & polishing of non-precious metal firing alloy & model casting alloys. The silicone diamond bond & rubber diamond bond of the dental polishers allow a long life in the laboratory. Available in brown, green, black, blue, yellow, orange, red and in the shapes 012,014,023,040,060. Diamond grinding tool, also called dressing stone or dressing diamond, for centring & dressing. Diamond cleaning stone for cleaning and maintaining diamond grinding instruments.

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