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Base Metal Ceramic Alloy

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EASY NEM® 280 Non-Precious Metal-Ceramic Alloy
The clinically proven, biocompatible ceramic alloy for crowns, bridges, telescopes & double crowns based on cobalt-chrome. The proven CoCr formulation for fixed frameworks has been refined with additives such as molybdenum, tungsten and niobium. The niobium content ensures a fine-grained structure and corrosion resistance. The low hardness allows easy finishing, milling with a carbide bur or a tungsten carbide cutter and polishing with a rubber polisher, silicone polisher or metal polisher. Particularly suitable for crown, bridge and manual milling techniques in the milling machine.

The metal-ceramic alloy (280) for high-fusing ceramic has the ideal CTE value, a low melting interval and flows like a gold alloy. Therefore, firing without long-term cooling is possible. The CTE value of the LFC casting alloy is adjusted for highly expanding, low melting special ceramics (LFC ceramics) in the dental labs. The non-precious metal alloys offer a high bond strength to the ceramic even during multiple firings. The dental alloys are carbon-free and thus optimally suited for laser welding and soldering in dental technology.

EASY NEM Solder / Laser and Welding Wire
Biocompatible, corrosion-resistant & veneerable special solder for homogeneous soldering results before the ceramic firing and joining wire for repairs / extensions of dental crowns, bridges, double crowns, telescopic crowns, conical crowns, removable clasp dentures, telescopic dentures, repairs and extensions for model casting in the laboratory. Suitable for non-precious metal casting alloys based on cobalt in dental technology. With the dental solder you get a reliable melting point detection as well as an optimal flowability. The welding and laser wire guarantees an ideal melting ability, is suitable for all non-precious metal dental alloys.

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