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Crowns & Bridges

Inexpensive Dental Laboratory Supplies Directly from the Manufacturer

EASY NEM® 280 Metal-Ceramic Alloy Order online cheap, comfortable & fast
Biocompatible cobalt-chromium-based casting alloys (CoCr) for high-fusing dental ceramics. The low hardness allows easy milling and polishing. The dental alloy, for firing in a ceramic furnace, is possible without long-term cooling. It is carbon-free and suitable for laser welding and soldering in dental technology. Biocompatible, corrosion-resistant & veneerable special solder for homogeneous soldering results. Laser wire / welding wire, veneerable joining wire with optimal melting ability, for laser and welding.

Cross-Cut Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Metal Polisher & Dressing tool for your success
Conical milling cutters, parallel milling cutters and wax spiral milling cutters for the efficient surface treatment of combined dentures such as removable clasp dentures, telescopic dentures & telescopes in the model casting department and in the milling technology department. Due to an optimal rotational speed of the rotating instruments for the handpiece & the milling machine, the milling cutters do not tear or hook in and produce smooth surfaces on dental materials. The coordinated toothing in combination with the milling oil for cooling and lubricating enables a longer life of the milling tools in the laboratory. Sterilizable Bur Block made of stainless V2A steel for the dental laboratory and dental practice. The instrument stands are easy to clean in the ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or in the autoclaves. Silicone polisher & rubber polisher in wheel, roller and pin form for efficient surface treatment & polishing of ceramic alloys & model casting alloys. The silicone diamond bond & rubber diamond bond of the dental polishers allow a long tool life in the laboratory. Available in brown, green, black, blue, yellow, orange, red and in the shapes 012,014,023,040,060. Diamond grinding tool, also called dressing stone, for centering & dressing. Mandrel for polishing rollers, polishing wheels and grinders.

High Quality Modelling Waxes & Prefabricated Wax Parts from own Development & Production
Organic dental waxes for the Sculpturing of crowns, bridges & veneers. Flexible dipping wax for dimensionally stable wax copings. Crown wax for the gnathological wax-up technique. Cervical wax for crown margins of partial crowns, full cast crowns & inlays. Connecting wax for blocking and pinning of casting sprues. Heat resistant thermo wax for blocking out in the thermoforming technique. Milling wax for the milling unit. EASY Pontics, wax in natural tooth shape, for optimal ceramic framework design. The auxiliary wax elements have no garland, reduced occlusal depth, fissures and reinforced proximal surfaces for optimum tooth aesthetics. The organic wax burns ash-free without leaving any residue and is also suitable for metal casting and press-ceramics.

Large Selection of Casting Sprues & Adhesive Bonds with Attractive Discount Prices
EASY Casting, the CAD shaped casting Pins with reservoir (pear shaped), for sprueing, casting and pressing. The organic wax burns ash-free. With the casting pins the dental technicians can achieve casts that are free of cavities and without swingers. The prefabricated parts consisting of male, female and duplicating matrix for the tension-free and permanent connection between secondary crowns, telescopic crowns & conical crowns of combined dentures. The adhesive parts made of organic wax are CAD-system designed (STL-data), 3-dimensional reinforced and offer stability with minimum space requirements. The metal connection can be made precisely and tension-free without soldering. Plastic-free wax wire for optimum casting results with precious metal, non-precious metal and palladium.

Supplies for the Die Preparation of Tooth Models
Air-drying and light-curing die varnishes, plaster hardener, thinner, UV block-out material, for plaster models Plaster cutting disc for saw-cut dental plaster models. The even layer thickness, dries very quickly, is resistant to steam jet and modelling instruments. For sealing and varnishing of tooth stumps, contact points and counter bites. Available in the colour silver and in the layer thickness 13µm.

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