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Ceramic Brushes

Dental brush in Kolinsky red sable hair & alternatively with vegan synthetic hair

EASY Artist, Genesis® & CHARMING Kolinsky in large selection Handmade in Germany
Ceramic brushes for the production & individualization of dental crowns, dental bridges & veneers made of metal-ceramic for non-precious metal alloys, precious metal alloys, solid-ceramics, glass-ceramics, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), lithium disilicates and press ceramic. EASY Artist, with an ergonomically shaped handle made of walnut wood, Genesis® with a handle made of light metal which can also be used as a multifunctional protective cap to protect the brush hairs & the Charming brush with an extra long, soft tip. The chromed ferrules are resistant to corrosion. The integrated metal balls in all layer brushes within the brush ferrule, form a perfect brush tip with every stroke.

A perfect brush tip enables precise picking up, application of shoulder masses, opaque masses, ceramic masses, glaze masses for crowns and bridges in the dental labs. The special brushes are available in Kolinsky red sable hair & alternatively with vegan synthetic hair. We use in the Kolinsky series exclusively sable hair from the male tail of the great Siberian fire weasel (Mustela sibirica). These extremely high-quality hairs guarantee a very high degree of resilience, elasticity and durability, which is why they are ideally suited for layering, painting with stains and characterising dental products for dental aesthetics in the laboratory.

Nappa Leather Case for Dental Ceramic Brushes
High-quality brush case made of finest nappa leather, with 2 large sewn-in pockets for brushes, dental tools, dental accessories in different sizes, suitable for protection, safe storage and transport. The leather case, which is "hand made in Germany" in 61 steps, can be closed easily with a magnetic closure and protects your dental instruments from contamination and loss.

Accessories for the Ceramic Workplace
The stylish Charming brush holder for perfectly balanced Big Brush, paint brushes and opaque brushes in the ceramic department. 9 positioning possibilities offer sufficient space, provide for order & safety at the workplace. Rolling down or smeared ceramic brushes and dirty workstations are a thing of the past. Kolinsky Care, the care liquid for red sable natural hair. For a longer life of the natural hair brushes, the care of the sable hair with a suitable hair care product or hair care fluid is very important and unavoidable.

It ensures the regreasing of the hair, the elasticity and tonicity of the dental brushes is maintained longer, which reduces your costs and offers you a longer tool life. The dental product for the technicians is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, which is why it offers a high level of safety and safe use.

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