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Polishing Brushes

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CHARMING miniature Polishing Brush Ø 21 mm, Brush Wheel Ø 60 mm Goat Hair & Chungking Brushes Ø 50, 60, 70, 80 mm (1, 2, 4 rows)
The scaly and rough texture of Charming's premium natural hair brushes are particularly suitable for picking up, applying diamond pastes, polishing pastes, pumice powder, pumice stone powder for pre-polishing and high gloss polishing. The dental brushes are suitable for polishing dental materials such as crowns, bridges, interdental spaces made of layered ceramics, zirconium, zirconium oxide (multilayer), glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics, veneers, composites, denture resins, prefabricated teeth and for model casting alloys made of precious, as well as non precious metal based on cobalt-chrome.

The coordinated hair quality and hardness of the goat hair brushes in combination with the diamond polishing paste smoothes the surface of the denture. The mounted goat hair brush with a diameter of 21 mm, a narrow shape & the unmounted polishing disc with a diameter of 60 mm, a pointed shape are suitable for the surface of ceramic restorations, interdental areas, occlusal surfaces of plastic dentures and plastic teeth. The Chungking brushes with a diameter of 50, 60, 70, 80 mm and their pointed shape are suitable for the surface of model casting alloys, for combined dentures such as removable clasp dentures and telescopic dentures based on cobalt-chrome.

The unmounted wheel brushes for the polishing motor & the mounted wheel brushes for the handpiece, are very robust, elastic and have a long tool life.

Our polishing brushes are made only with natural materials such as goat hair or pig bristles. These materials are 100% recyclable, fully biodegradable and are particularly suitable for holding dental polishing products. For the sake of nature, we deliberately avoid synthetic hair.

Except for the "Polishing Brush Goat Hair Ø 21 mm", the brushes are packed and delivered in a Pergamin bag made of paper. We pay attention to sustainability and environmental aspects such as the production from pure cellulose, (extracted from spruce wood, mainly thinning wood, no clear cuttings). The biological purification of the process water before returning it to the natural water cycle is a matter of course for us. 100% recyclable, fully compostable and can be disposed of with the waste paper.

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