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EASY Liquid the Universal Ceramic Mixing Liquid & EASY Zirconium Firing Tray for all Dental Materials
For mixing all dental ceramics such as metal ceramics, monolithic solid-ceramics, zircon ceramics and lithium disilicate in powder form. The three variants are: Basic (Eco, economical), Original (Standard), One Plus (Premium). The special composition of the formulations allows for different veneering ceramics, a creamy

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consistency, exceptional stability, the ceramic masses can be layered moister and do not dry out quickly. Special additives prevent the strong shrinking and chipping of the pontics and occlusal surfaces. The ceramic no longer needs to be pre-dried before firing! The results are brilliant tooth shades without additional work (correction firings). The honeycomb tray for firing dentures in a ceramic furnace. The new holding pins made of a scale-free special alloy are 2mm thin, 15mm high. These pins are suitable for the safe positioning of anterior teeth. To prevent the pontics of long, sagging bridges from touching the firing tray, the 15mm long pins provide enough distance and safety.

Dental Brushes, Insulation, Mixing Plates, Agate Discs & Water Bowls in a large Range
Porcelain brushes like EASY Artist, Genesis and Charming made of Kolinsky red sable hair & alternatively with vegan synthetic hair. Extremely high-quality hair guarantees a very high resilience, elasticity, durability and long life. EASY Fixing Gel is a holding gel for inlays, veneers made of pressed ceramic for secondary fixing of ceramic applications. The Fixing Gel offers secure adhesion, is water soluble, 100% organic, burns ash free, leaves no residue or discoloration. EASY Wet Ceramic the ceramic mixing plates with a liquid reservoir which keeps the mixed ceramic masses permanently moist and workable by means of a newly developed synthetic fleece. Due to the continuous liquid absorption of the fleece cylinders and the reusable, universal fleece strips without paper (cellulose), the ceramic does not dry out. The mixing pallet or mixing plate is available in different sizes. EASY Sep Ceramic the organic insulation reliably separates the ceramic layer from the plaster surface. The insulating film does not leave any residues and white discolouration. EASY Colorfluid the stain liquid for conditioning tooth shades, opaque materials, glaze materials, bonders in powder and paste form.

Buy Gum Mask, Mixing Cannula & Mixing Gun for Dental Technique at a great price here in our online shop
A-silicone, special silicone and gingival silicone for making gingival masks. Yellow mixing tips for the double cartridge. Dispensing Gun for 1:1 & 2:1 standard cartridges.

Hurricane Rotating Instruments of High Quality for Finishing and Polishing of Crowns & Bridges

Buy Diamond Discs, Polisher, Polishing Brushes, Diamond Polishing Paste, Dressing Tool, Cleaning stone in Discount
Dental Cutting Discs for separating, contouring and cutting off supports in the ceramic press technique, plastic/acrylics veneers, plaster/saw-cut models. The sintered diamond disc leaves no black lines or grey stripes, has a long tool life & good cutting performance. Ceramic polisher for finishing veneering materials, for minimal frictional heat and brilliant results without polishing paste or glaze firing in dental furnace. Diamond grinding tool, also called dressing stone or dressing diamond, for centring & dressing. Diamond cleaning stone for cleaning and maintenance of diamond grinding instruments. HP diamond instruments for the handpiece for grinding the surface contour, shape and structure. HP diamond instruments for the handpiece for grinding the surface contour, shape and structure.

The universal premium diamond polishing paste from Charming, with matching diamond grains & fine microdiamonds, for efficient pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of ceramics, veneers, metal-ceramics, solid-ceramics, glass-ceramics, zirconium-ceramics, lithium disilicate, composites and veneering resins. The polishing agent with natural diamonds, for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of ceramic restorations, provides a homogeneous gloss and the reflective behavior of the surface in esthetic anterior restorations makes it appear natural in the patient's mouth.

The coordinated and mounted goat hair brushes with a diameter of 21 mm for the handpiece are time-saving in comparison to the remounted ones, because no mandrel is required in the application. The scaly and rough structure of Charming's premium natural hair brushes are particularly suitable for picking up, applying diamond pastes, zirconium polishing pastes for pre-polishing and high gloss polishing. The goat hair brushes are suitable for polishing dental materials such as crowns, bridges made of layered ceramics, zirconium, zirconium oxide (multilayer), glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics, veneers, composites, denture base materials and prefabricated teeth in the dental laboratory. The polishing brushes made of goat hair "Made in Germany" have a high quality and durability.

Diamond Trimmers, Diamond cutters, Sintered Diamond Instruments, FG Dental Drills, Bur Blocks, Adapters & Accessories in Stock with fast Shipping
Abrasive stones in brown, green, latte, yellow and in conical, wheel, lens, cone and flame shape to trim all ceramic materials gently and efficiently and the grinding of separated press channels. The hybrid grit of the DCB grinders, made of a ceramic and specially matched natural diamond bond, grinds cool & quiet, without heating the material structure, therefore no micro-cracks occur on the surface. FG diamond grinder and finisher for the turbine. For preparation of teeth and grinding. Mandrel for turbine instruments 1.6mm into the handpiece 2.35mm. Sterilizable drill stand made of stainless V2A steel for the dental laboratory and dental practice. The instrument stands are easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or in autoclaves.

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