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Consumables for technicians, supplies, products for dental technology buy cheap in the webshop. Ceramic mixing liquid for dental ceramics, firing trays with metal holding pins and zirconium pins. Firing paste, liquid firing floss as stabilising paste on zirconium firing tray. Fixing gel or holding gel in a syringe for object fixation. Brush manufacturer for dental brushes with Kolinsky hair and synthetic brushes as layering brushes or ceramic brushes. The scannable 3D gingival mask is millable. Mixing plates, moisturising plates or natural agate disc for layering as well as accessories such as ceramic insulation and liquid stains. Bur block for rotating instruments such as diamond disc, sintered diamond disc, ceramic polisher, zirconium polisher, polishing brushes with long service life. Diamond polishing paste for polishing crowns, bridges, veneers made of layered ceramics, pressed ceramics, zirconium dioxide, composite veneers and Peek.