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Cutter & Polisher

Order Cheap Dental Laboratory supplies for Finishing and Polishing quickly, conveniently & securely online

Hurricane® Cross-Cut Tungsten Carbide Cutters with orange & blue ring
The fine and medium cross-cut toothing is specially designed for the surface treatment of materials in the precious metal and model casting departments. The milling cutters are suitable for the processing of dental crowns, bridges, combined dentures, removable clasp and telescopic dentures made of non-precious and precious metal alloys.

Hurricane® Bur Block for FG or HP grinding wheels
Stylish drill stands made of V2A stainless steel for the dental laboratory and dental practice. They are suitable for the safe positioning and storage of FG or HP drills with shank thickness 1.6 mm and 2.35 mm. With 19, 62, 101 slots, the display offers sufficient space for rotating instruments such as dental drills, finishers, diamond discs, ceramic trimmers, ceramic polishers, tungsten carbide cutters, metal polishers in wheel and roller form, non-precious & precious metal polishers, spiral cutters, wax cutters, parallel and conical cutters.

In the ceramic department of dental technology or during the patient treatment in the practice, you always have the diamond grinder clearly arranged and ready to hand. The grinders are easy to insert and just as easy to remove. The instrument stands are easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or autoclave. Optionally, you have the possibility to have your name or logo permanently laser engraved.

Hurricane® Metal Polisher for precious & non-precious metal alloys
The polishing system in wheel, roller & pin form (occlusion) for safe and gentle finishing, polishing of dental crowns, bridges, telescopic crowns, conical crowns, double crowns, partial crowns, inlays and model casts made of precious metal and non-precious metal alloys based on cobalt-chrome (CoCr). The flexible metal polishers green (medium) and black (coarse) consist of a silicon-diamond bond and are suitable for the pre-polishing of dental alloys in the laboratory. The silicone mixture and the adjusted speed of the silicone polishers allow an optimal surface smoothing. The nature of the solid material ensures a long tool life and efficient gumming performance.

Hurricane® Special Mandrell / Screw Mandrell Occlusion for fixing Dental Polishers & Fissure Polishers
The mandrel for the secure attachment of the rubber or silicone polishing wheels for the handpiece. These are suitable for finishing, smoothing and deepening the occlusal fissures of the posterior teeth, such as the main fissures and secondary fissures of dental crowns and bridges in the laboratory. With a Ø 2.35 mm shaft for the dental handpiece, a reinforced flange, a plate support, the screw mandrel offers the highest possible safety.

Hurricane® Dressing Tool for conditioning polishers
With the Hurricane dressing grindstone you can dress and profile your rotary instruments for processing and polishing dental materials quickly, easily and efficiently. The tool is covered with diamonds on both sides and is suitable for cleaning, centering and dressing and for individual shaping of rubber polishers, silicone polishers and grinding stones for the dental technician in the dental labs.

Hurricane® Parallel & Conical Cutters for all Dental Alloys
Cutters in yellow / orange for efficient surface treatment, for pre-milling & re-milling of primary telescopic crowns, double crowns, telescopic dentures, coverdenture made of precious metal and non-precious metal alloys for combined & removable dentures. Due to an optimized toothing and speed, tungsten carbide cutters do not tear or hook into the inner parts, produce smooth surfaces and a perfect fit on dental materials. With our diamond instruments you get a safe and precise processing of your metal alloys

Hurricane® Wax Milling Cutter with rounded edge
The Hurricane 0° parallel & 2° conical spiral cutters have a rounded edge. The coordinated cutting edge geometry of the radius cutters allows an optimal chip removal, prevents the wax from smearing and enables rational milling results with smooth wax surfaces in milling technology.

Hurricane® Milling Oil for Dental Tools & Tungsten Carbide Cutters
The highly viscous oil lubricates and cools the rotating instruments and ensures a smooth material surface. This extends the durability of the milling tools and ensures a long tool life. It is solvent-free and therefore not harmful to the user. The adjusted viscosity prevents splashing from the milling cutter on the milling machine and prevents soiling of the milling models in the laboratory, thus ensuring enough safety for the technicians.

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