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Diamond Discs

Order High-Quality Diamond Discs with a long tool life quickly, conveniently & safely online

Hurricane® diamond disc 0.09 and 0,12 mm with extra fine diamond grit
The very flexible diamond disc for the dental labs has a double-sided, galvanically coated diamond coating. The disc for the handpiece is very thin, suitable for separating and contouring dental crowns and bridges made of soft and sensitive ceramics, such as layered ceramics, pressed ceramics, veneers and plastic veneers in dental technology.

Hurricane® diamond disc 0.15 mm with fine diamonds
The thin net disk for the dental laboratory is coated on both sides with a fine diamond grain. The flexible disc with net structure offers optimum visibility during the grinding process of the contact points of dental crowns and bridges in the laboratory, a high material removal rate and good chip removal.

Hurricane® diamond disc 0.20 & 0.30 mm the Sintered diamond discs for all ceramic materials
When you separate the ceramic with the disc in everyday laboratory work and place it on the framework, the edge is quickly worn out. If you come in contact with the metal edge on the workpiece, the metal part will cause black lines. Our thin diamond discs are electroplated with a matching diamond grit and have no metal content at the edge. Therefore, they do not leave black stripes or grey lines on the ceramic surface. The edge diamond coating ensures a long tool life and good cutting performance. Due to the material properties, the disc is suitable for separating and contouring dental crowns & bridges with dental ceramics for non-precious metal alloys, precious metal alloys, solid-ceramics, glass ceramics, zirconium, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), lithium disilicates, hybrid ceramics, press ceramics, veneers, implants and regardless of whether they are high-fusing, low-fusing or monolithic (multi-layered). Particularly suitable for the separation of press channels in the ceramic press technique.

Hurricane® plaster cutting disc 0.35 mm with good cutting performance & long tool life
The flexible plaster cutting disc is double-sided, electroplated with a medium diamond grit and is suitable for cutting press muffles, plaster, saw-cut models and for all dental plasters such as impression plaster, alabaster plaster, model hard plaster, super hard plaster and regardless of whether it has low or high expansion.

Hurricane® Bur Block for FG or HP grinding tools
Stylish drill stands made of V2A stainless steel for the dental laboratory and dental practice. They are suitable for the safe positioning and storage of FG or HP drills with shank thickness 1.6 mm and 2.35 mm. With 19, 62, 101 slots, the display offers sufficient space for rotating instruments such as dental drills, finishers, diamond discs, ceramic trimmers, ceramic polishers, tungsten carbide cutters, metal polishers in wheel and roller form, precious & non-precious metal polishers, spiral cutters, wax cutters, parallel and conical cutters.

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