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Special Waxes

Consumables for Dental Technology at Low Prices

EASY Tec Blocking out Wax kneadable red
The special wax (750 ml) is ideal for blocking out undercuts when duplicating with silicone in the model casting technique with alloys based on cobalt-chrome CoCr for removable and combined dentures such as clasp dentures, telescopic dentures, conical crowns, primary crowns & secondary crowns. Furthermore, in the production of UV tray materials, basic tray plates, when pouring dental impressions/tooth impressions with plaster and when pouring liquid plastic in dental prosthetics.

The dental wax is kneadable, easily adaptable on the tooth model, reusable and the residues can be easily boiled or evaporated from the dental model. The modelling wax is self-insulating against dental silicone, dental plastic and dental plaster. You save time, like duplicating silicone & insulating material. Due to the material composition this wax is not suitable for casting & duplicating with Agar-Agar.

EASY Tec Sticky wax
The dental wax (30 ml tin / 190 g), is ideal for fixing dental plaster models, fracture repairs, teeth made of plastic, crowns/bridges made of precious metal & non-precious alloys, pre-crims made of kneading silicone and for bonding soldering points of the metal parts to the soldering investment.

The adhesive wax has a very high adhesive strength and produces smooth surfaces. For the dental technician the wax can be easily blanched off or steamed off with the steam jet device.

EASY Tec Thermo Wax
For blocking out undercuts of tooth models made of dental plaster, for covering springs in orthodontics, for making duplication moulds, sports mouthguards, crunch protection, positioners, bleaching splints made of elastic, soft elastic and hard-elastic foils. The Block Out Wax has good modelling properties, adheres very well to the plaster model and does not loosen during scraping.

The heat-resistant special wax for the thermoforming technique provides smooth wax surfaces and prevents milky, discoloured or cloudy plastic foils after thermoforming. It can be easily boiled or steamed off with a steam jet.

EASY Mod Facet Wax - For Plastic Veneers
The dental wax system for plastic prosthetics is suitable for fixing, setting up, matching tooth shades and individualizing the tooth shapes of veneers. Three different dentine shades (A,B,C) allow individual anterior and posterior aesthetics. The shades are available in two consistencies: soft for positioning and medium for fixing the cosmetic correction with acrylic teeth. Additionally, it is available in the shade "tooth incisal" to individualize the incisal edges.

The special formulation allows best modelling and scraping properties of the restorations with low shrinkage. The organic modelling waxes burn ash free without leaving any residue and are therefore suitable for wax-ups, solid-ceramic restorations, the press-on technique as well as for pressable ceramics.

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