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Kneadable, reusable, red blocking-out wax (750 ml) for blocking out undercuts when duplicating silicone in the model casting technique. Furthermore, the dental wax is suitable for the fabrication of basic tray plates, for pouring dental impressions plaster and for pouring liquid resin in dental prosthetics. Thermowax (30 ml tin), heat-resistant special wax, for covering springs in orthodontics, for making duplicating moulds, sports mouthguards, crunch protection, positioners, bleaching splints made of elastic, soft-elastic and hard-elastic foils for the thermoforming technique. Red-brown sticky/adhesive wax (30 ml tin / 190 g), with high adhesive power, for fixing soldered joints of metal parts on soldering investment material, dental plaster models, fracture repairs, teeth made of dental plastic and protuberances made of kneading silicone.

The facet wax for plastic prosthetics suitable for fixing, setting up, matching tooth shades and individualizing the tooth shapes of veneers. Three different dentine shades (A,B,C) allow dental technicians to create individual anterior and posterior aesthetics. The shades are available in two consistencies: soft for positioning and medium for fixing the cosmetic correction with acrylic teeth. Additionally, it is available in the colour "tooth edge" to individualise the incisal edges. The organic modelling waxes burn ash free and are suitable for wax-ups, solid-ceramic restorations, press-on technique, as well as for press-ceramics, such as IPS e.max® and Celtra®.

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