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Polishing Paste

Premium diamond polishing paste for finishing or for quick pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of zirconium ceramics, zirconium oxide, also multilayer, lithium disilicate, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics, veneers, dental ceramics, metal ceramics, solid ceramics, glass ceramics, composite veneers, denture acrylics, veneering acrylics and ready-made teeth in the dental laboratory. Order cheap diamond polishing paste for dental technology quickly, conveniently & safely in the dental online web shop. The silky matt surface of ceramic restorations or full zirconium crowns enables a homogeneous shine and the reflection behaviour of anterior restorations makes it appear natural in the patient's mouth.

Miniature goat hair polishing brushes 1-row (soft)
Mounted goat hair brush with a diameter of 21 mm for the handpiece. The scaly and rough texture of Charming's premium natural hair brushes are particularly suitable for picking up dental polishing paste, diamond polishing paste for ceramics or zircon polishing pastes. The soft brushes are suitable for gentle polishing of dental materials. The dental polishing brushes from the manufacturer "Made in Germany" are of high quality and have a long life.

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