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EASY UV Tray - Light-Curing Tray Material Plates 50 Pieces Pink
For the efficient fabrication of individual impression trays, tray plates, bite templates, bite plates and supporting pin registrations for the fully edentulous, partially edentulous and edentulous jaws in dental technology. After curing with UV or halogen light in the light curing unit, the light-polymerizing base plates are torsionally stiff and break-proof. Accordingly, they are suitable for acrylic prosthetics and can be used with impression material in the impression tray for taking a denture impression or jaw impressions in the upper and lower jaw.

The acrylic material is odourless, has a low plasticizer content (inhibition layer), does not smear, sticks less to the fingers, is easily adaptable, adheres securely to the dental plaster and allows low-dust grinding with cross-toothed tungsten carbide resin burs. These features facilitate processing and adaptability on the tooth model in total prosthetics.

Due to the material properties, it is also dimensionally stable and has a high resistance. In addition, polymerization with LED, UV lamps or halogen lamps occurs when exposed to a light intensity of 350-400 nm. Accordingly, it is suitable for dental light curing units or polymerization units in the dental labs.