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EASY Liquid ® The universal ceramic mixing liquid

In dental technology, there are individual liquids in the dental labs for every single ceramic. They have their peculiarities, which always have to be taken into account. In June 2010, we developed the EASY Liquid, which replaces the many different mixing fluids in the ceramics department in everyday laboratory work. The EASY Liquid is offered in three versions: Basic, Original, One Plus. Thus, there is the ideal solution for different veneering ceramics.The special composition ensures a creamy consistency and exceptional stability.

The masses can be layered more damp and do not dry out quickly. Constant moistening and mixing is not necessary. Uniform drying ensures homogeneous sintering of the ceramic. Special additives prevent the crowns from shrinking too much and the pontics of dental bridges from tearing. Without having to pre-dry the ceramic layering for a longer period before firing. Brilliant tooth shades without much effort.

The EASY Liquid offers flexibility and safety in handling any type of ceramic whether metal-ceramic, solid-ceramic, glass-ceramic, zirconium-ceramic, lithium disilicates and regardless of whether high-fusing or low-fusing.


* Creamy consistence
* Excellent durability of the ceramic
* Prevents the rapid drying
* Without long pre-drying
* Reduces tearing interdental and occlusal
* Brilliant color results

The EASY Liquid One Plus has a good mixability, very good stability, always the same consistence, no re-moistening and minimal shrinkage. O like "Oh how wonderful", a liquid that is convincing and can be used for all dental ceramic masses. - Friedmar Hütter, Germany

The "EASY Liquid One Plus" means flexibility and safety in handling with any ceramics - whether metal ceramics, solid-ceramics, glass-ceramic, zirconium-ceramic, lithium disilicates and regardless of whether high-fusing or low-fusing. The unique consistence allowes me to keep the same modeling ability. Thus teeth can be modeled additively proverbial, with the safety of producing my work aesthetically faster, more efficiently, but also more economically. - Haristos Girinis, Germany

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