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Model Holder

Order model holder with individual laser engraving fast, comfortable & cheap

EASY Model Holder
It is made of stainless steel for plaster models, acrylic models in plastics technology & orthodontics is the ideal solution to position your models safely during dental work. You have both hands free when working with cold-polymerising resins and can fill the liquid dental resin in the desired position without the model tipping over or the plastic running out with the slightest movement. The corrosion-resistant holder made of V2A is also ideally suited for use in the pressure pot. Alternatively, you can use the holder for your mobile phone.

The display is available in two angles of inclination and optionally you can order a laser inscription with your desired text, name or a laser engraving with your company logo. 

Certain products and names are brand names, patent names and copyrighted company and brand names.

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