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EASY Pontics organic Wax Pontics in natural tooth shape
The wax auxiliary parts are a very time-saving assistance for the fabrication of the pontics of ceramic frameworks in the bridge technique. The further developments of the dental waxes are the reduced occlusal depths and the reinforced proximal surfaces. The finished waxes are not greasy or brittle and have no garland. Dental technicians can fully veneer the pontics in the ceramic veneering technique and achieve optimal tooth aesthetics without visible metal parts.

The anatomical tooth shape of the wax makes the modelling of anterior and posterior bridges suitable for the veneering technique with veneering resin or veneering ceramic. It also ensures ideal occlusion and optimized occlusal design in the dental laboratory.

Special additives in the formulation enable clean chip formation and smooth surfaces during scraping. The organic composition burns ash free without leaving any residues and is suitable for metal casting as well as for press ceramics of the press technique. The wax patterns are available in two sizes: A=large and B=small

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