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Adhesive Parts

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EASY Connect - Adhesive Connection made of organic dental wax
Resin-free wax auxiliaries for stress-free metal bonding between secondary crown and partial denture made of palladium, precious and non-precious metal alloys based on cobalt-chrome (CoCr). The wax patterns are CAD designed, have new optimized shapes and are suitable for double crowns, telescopic crowns, conical crowns for removable and combined dentures. They have been 3-dimensionally reinforced and therefore offer maximum stability with minimum space requirements. Metal connections can be made precisely and tension-free in the shortest time in the dental labs without soldering. The adhesive connections have a 97° angle of inclination for common jaw situations.

The wax composition burns ash free without residue and is suitable for all casting techniques, sprueing techniques as well as for centrifugal casting & vacuum pressure casting. The wax moulds are sprued on the anterior waxing point by dental technicians with a special bonding wax, on the secondary crown. The EASY connecting wax / blocking wax is sticky in the liquid state and facilitates the attachment of the wax connecting parts in the dental laboratory without constantly falling off. After solidification at room temperature, the wax is hard, dimensionally stable and prevents distortion of the wax model when it is lifted off.

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