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Buy Gum Mask, Mixing Cannula & Mixing Gun for Dental Technique at a great price here in our online shop
A-silicone, special silicone and gingival silicone for making gingival masks. Yellow mixing tips for the double cartridge. Dispensing Gun for 1:1 & 2:1 standard cartridges.

EASY Tec Scan Wax for safe & fast scanning
Laser opaque & light opaque dental wax for modelling, blocking out, scanning and milling (manually) of

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implant abutments, crowns, bridges, telescopes (primary crowns) and bars for dental scanners. The lowered working temperature of the Scan Wax allows best modelling and scraping properties with lowest shrinkage. It is opaque and suitable for all scanning systems with different scanner colours.

EASY 3D Cleaner for your digital workflow
The solvent-free cleaning fluid for removing the uncured resin layer (smear layer) on printed 3D objects. When printing upper jaw models and lower jaw models with a UV laser, for the dental labs and orthodontic dental practice, a greasy layer of liquid resin remains on the surface of the workpieces. Once the printing process, in your in-house production, with an SLA, DLP or LCD printer is complete, the printed object is often cleaned with solvent (isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropanol) to remove the excess of unsolidified resin. Solvents are usually hazardous to the environment and often have a very low flash point. The rapid evaporation of solvents causes a high concentration of pollutants in the air. These are inhaled by the employees in the CAD/CAM laboratory, milling center and often cause skin and eye problems. EASY 3D Cleaner is solvent-free, cleans quickly, efficiently and is safe to use. The cleaning agent is completely biodegradable, has a very low evaporation rate and is therefore very economical as a plastic cleaner for 3D dental models.

Buy EASY MOD Wax Discs for the CAM milling machine cheap & fast
The wax blanks are plastic-free and due to the organic composition, the milled crowns, bridges & veneers can be cast in the dental labs or pressed with press ceramic systems. The dental wax is not brittle, does not smear, burns ash free without residue and prevents the plaster-bonded investments from cracking or the muffle from bursting. The wax blanks have a diameter of Ø 98.5 mm and are available with steps in 14 mm and 20 mm thicknes

Canister Tap for conveniently dispensing liquids from plastic canisters
The tap for filling and decanting dental products such as: Cleaners for printed CAD/CAM Objects & Tooth models, hygiene and care products, plastic cleaners, chemical liquids, 3D UV resin, synthetic resin, epoxy resin, resin cleaner, isopropanol, cleaning agents for the 3D printer, ceramic mixing liquid and distilled water in the dental laboratory. The tap with separate air intake allows liquids to be discharged safely and quickly without gurgling.