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EASY Tec Scan wax for dental CAD/CAM technology (manually millable)
Laser opaque & light opaque CAD/CAM dental wax in 30 ml tin / 190 g for modelling, blocking out, scanning and milling (manual) of dental implant abutments such as dental crowns, bridges, telescopes (primary crowns), bars, locks for dental scanners and for sealing saw cuts and tooth cavities. The lowered modelling temperature of the ScanWax allows low shrinkage, the wax formulation with special additives from our own development, production and manufacturing guarantees excellent sculpturing and scraping properties.

The scannable wax is opaque, suitable for model scanners with or without articulator and for all scanning systems with different scanner colors (white, blue and red) without having to use Scan Spray beforehand. This saves the additional effort of having to clean dental models of upper & lower jaws afterwards. With the crown wax you will receive detailed STL data sets for your in-house production with dental burs, milling machine, CNC-Machines and 3D-Scanner without having to change the original setting (processing strategy) of the software or your digital workflow.