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Casting Sprues

Cheap Dental Laboratory Supplies Directly from the manufacturer

EASY Casting - Pear-Shaped casting sprues with reservoir
Plastic-free wax auxiliaries for optimum casting results of crowns and bridges made of precious metal to palladium-based (in the sizes Ø 5.6.7 mm) and from palladium-based to non-precious metal (in the sizes Ø 7.8.9 mm) alloys based on cobalt-chrome (CoCr). The casting pins are CAD designed and have new optimized shapes. The inlet channel is square, because during the casting process the liquid melt (in motion) takes on a drop shape. If present, air (gas) can escape from the muffle via the free corners. This prevents turbulence, the melt can flow in more quickly, results in more homogeneous casts, smoother surfaces and a better fit which is free of cavities and swingers. The lost heads of the casting pears have a nozzle shape, serve as a melt reservoir and are suitable for safe re-suction until the melt has solidified finally.

Due to the tapered shape of the wax casting channels to the object (funnel or nozzle shape), the melt is accelerated many times over during the casting process (law of continuity). The casting channels are sprued at the front waxing point of the wax casting channels by dental technicians with a special connecting wax by flooding the wax tip with the object. The EASY connecting wax / blocking wax is sticky in the liquid state and facilitates the application of the sticks in the dental laboratory without constantly falling off. After solidification, the wax is at room temperature, hard, dimensionally stable and prevents distortion of the wax model when it is lifted off.

If necessary, you can cut off the square inlet, use the "lost heads" as melting reservoir and refilling reservoir. EASY Casting is suitable for all casting techniques, sprueing techniques as well as for centrifugal casting & vacuum pressure casting. The organic composition burns ash free without leaving any residue and is suitable for printed 3D dental objects, metal casting, veneering ceramics, as well as for veneers made of pressable ceramics.

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