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Wood Boards

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CHARMING petrified wooden disc from Madagascar for mixing & moisturising dental ceramics, veneering composites, stains, opaque masses in powder and paste form
Petrified woods are beautiful and exclusive natural products from North America, Africa & Asia that fascinate and captivate people. The dendrolite discs are naturally occurring, each slice is unique and the stones, can be used as decoration, accessory, fossil jewellery or as coasters.

In the dental laboratory, dental technicians use the plate or palette made of natural stone as a dendrolite mixing plate, ceramic mixing plate or moisture retaining plate for dental materials such as metal ceramics, for non-precious alloys, precious base metal alloys, solid ceramics, glass ceramics, zirconium, zirconiumoxide (ZrO2), lithium disilicates, press ceramics, veneers, dental implants in the ceramic furnace for firing dental restorations and regardless of whether they are high-fusing, low-fusing or monolithic (multi-layered). The dental ceramic mixing plate for dental technology, serves as a mixing palette for aesthetic anterior restorations and posterior restorations.

You will receive exactly this piece shown. Deviations in colour, cracks in the structure are of natural origin and do not represent a reduction in quality, but emphasise the uniqueness of the natural product.

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