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Bur Blocks

Hurricane® Bur Block for FG or HP grinding instruments
Stylish bur block made of stainless steel for the dental laboratory and dentist practice. They are suitable for safe positioning and storage of FG or HP drills with 1,6 mm and 2,35 mm shank thickness. With 19, 62, 101 slots, the display provides sufficient space for rotating instruments such as dental drills, diamond discs, ceramic grinders, ceramic polishers, tungsten carbide cutters, metal polishers, parallel and conical cutters.

In the ceramic department of the dental labs or during patient treatment in the dental practice, you always have the diamond grinder clearly arranged and ready to hand. The burs are easy to attach and just as easy to remove. The instrument stands are easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath, thermal disinfector or autoclave.

Optionally, you have the option to have individual, sayings, quotes, your name, logo or favorite design permanently inscribed with a laser engraving as a gift item.

Gift Idea: As a gift for the foundation, opening, inauguration, anniversary, practice anniversary, for the dental practice, group practice, trainee, training, intermediate examination, journeyman examination, dental technician, master examination, dental gift, diploma, master, Bachelor, Doctorate, Dentist, Dentist Gift, Dental Assistant or for the hobby craftsman to safely place the Dremel drill, drill for the dental handpiece, dental turbine, turbine adapter, dental adapter.

Laser Marking - Engraving Service
Laser engraving is ideal for customizing or personalizing workpieces and is a preferred method for part identification. It is waterproof, smudge resistant and very durable. We have a variety of industrial lasers and can customize your needs quickly.

When marking, we can produce annealing colors (metal surfaces will produce a color change, from barely visible to clearly visible). Engraving (surface is melted and vaporized, resulting in a slight indentation). Foaming (This is possible with certain types of plastic, the surface melts and it appears raised).

We can engrave your existing dental products in small series (1-1000 pcs) like: Ceramic brushes, Dental brushes, Bur Blocks, Drill Stands, Agate discs, Mixing plates, Moisture holding pallet, Model holders, Articulators, Impression trays, Wax knives, Modeling instruments for waxing up, Telescopic forceps, Articulating forceps, Surgical instruments, Dental instruments, Dental mirrors, Treatment instruments, Tray, Medical equipment, Dental turbine, Packaging, Transport boxes, Key rings, Work pieces etc.

Laser marking, CE marking, QR code, serial number, bar code, bar code, EAN, datamatrix are suitable for traceability.

Please inquire if your desired material is suitable before ordering. If you send us a sample, we can check the laser suitability and will be pleased to provide you with a sample.

You can enter your laser request in the comment field during the ordering process (shopping cart). Please send us your own logos or graphics, for example, as JPG, DXF, etc. in laser-compatible format.

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