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Cires à Sculpter

We are dental manufacturer of dental wax, wax in organic transparent, ashless for press ceramics | finished wax parts | auxiliary wax parts | wax mould parts | modelling wax | crown wax | wax up | cervical wax | scraping wax | milling wax | dipping wax | adhesive wax | thermo wax | connecting wax | casting pins in pear shape with reservoir | casting channels with lost head | casting pears with enamel reservoir | wax casting pins | wax wire | adhesive connection for the production of crowns, bridges, telescopes, conical crowns, implants and veneers in dental technology. If you want to buy dental products for your dental laboratory, practice laboratory, depot or orthodontic orthodontic laboratory, quickly, cheaply in the online shop and without price comparison. We carry consumables, dental supplies, dental products, dental articles and laboratory materials in brand quality "Made in Germany".

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