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Sinter Diamonds

Buy Diamonded Stones for Dental Ceramics & Zirconia fast, convenient and cheap here

CHARMING Sintered Diamonds - Universal Dental Ceramic Grinder
With the sintered diamond, in the shapes inverted cone, torpedo, flame and bullet, it is possible to trim dental crowns, bridges and veneers made of ceramic materials gently and efficiently, such as, layering ceramics, zirconium ceramics, glass ceramics, lithium disilicate, hybrid ceramics. Depending on the shape of the grinding instruments, they are suitable for grinding the tooth fissure, tooth shape and ceramic surface structure or surface texture in anterior aesthetics in the dental laboratory. The hybrid bonded grinding instruments made of a metallic bond with specially matched natural diamonds (abrasive), allow gentle processing of the sintered ceramic in the ceramic department. The coordinated diamond grain size, grinds cool and calm, without heating the material structure, therefore no micro-cracks or chipping occur on the ceramic surface. Natural diamonds are usually much sharper than synthetics and offer the advantage of working rationally and efficiently. They grind cool & quiet, without heating the material structure, therefore no micro-cracks or chipping occur on the surface. If necessary, the sintered diamonds can be shaped with the green dressing stone and cleaned with the white cleaning stone.

CHARMING Cleaning Stone in White
Diamond cleaning stone for cleansing sintered diamonds, diamond instruments, diamond grinders and diamond burs in the dental laboratory. With the diamond cleaning stone you can remove adhering dirt particles and thus achieve a better grinding performance.

CHARMING Dressing Stone in Green
With the dressing stone you can quickly and easily dress and profile your rotating instruments for processing and polishing dental materials. The tool is covered on both sides with natural diamonds and is suitable for cleaning, centring and dressing and for the individual shaping of rubber polishers, silicone polishers and grinding stones for dental technicians in the laboratory.

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