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Polishers for Ceramic & Zircon

Ceramic & zirconium polishers with natural diamonds for dental technician. Polishing wheels, lamellas, flame & occlusal polishers made of solid material buy cheap at dental online shop. Rubber polishers for finishing and polishing dental crowns, bridges and veneers. For dental ceramics such as layering ceramics, CAD/CAM zirconia, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), glass, lithium disilicate, hybrid and monolithic (multi-layered). The rotating instruments for the handpiece, grind cool, quiet and prevent microcracks or chipping. The bond concept ensures gentle and rational surface finishing with high stock removal and Long life in the dental laboratory. The polishing tools with natural diamonds have a silicone-free rubber bond, which, as an alternative to a silicone bond, generates less frictional heat and protects the material surface. Brilliant polishing results without diamond polishing paste or glossy firing.

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