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Low-priced dental instruments for the thermoforming technique without price comparison

Tungsten Carbide Cutter square shaped for the dental laboratory
Carbide burs for fine contoured cutting of thermoforming sheets and thermoforming plates. The cutter made of carbide has a 4-edge shape, runs more smoothly than the 3-edge and is suitable for cutting out the interdental papillae areas, marginal areas of thermoforming materials, bite splints, knee splints, dental splints, transparent, invisible tooth corrections or bleaching splints made of elastic, soft-elastic and hard-elastic foils produced with the help of vacuum thermoforming devices. This rotating instrument is suitable for both right and left-handers.

Resin polisher for the dental laboratory
The CHARMING fleece disc generates less frictional heat compared to a silicone disc. The flow disc for cool processing of plastics, is ideally suited for finishing a thermoelastic splint. The polishing disc for acrylic surfaces, occlusal contacts and for transitions of acrylic set-ups in the combination technique.

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