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Holding Gel

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EASY Fixing Gel the "third hand" for fixing dental ceramics & veneers
It is an adhesive gel for the secondary fixation of ceramic applications. It does not matter whether you use metal-ceramics for non-precious metal alloys, precious metal alloys, solid-ceramics, glass-ceramics, zirconium oxide (ZrO2), lithium disilicates, press ceramic, veneers or monolithic crowns and bridges) on the model stump. The Holding Gel is colour neutral and does not affect the ceramic colour or the dental aesthetics.

Dental technicians have the safety of using both hands to layer freely, to check articulation contacts in the articulator, to work on structures on the surface and to easily inspect the work without everything falling to the floor at the slightest movement in the ceramic department. You also have the added security of knowing that upper jaw bridges & lower jaw bridges will not fall out of the articulator during grinding. The safe adhesive effect lasts for a long time.

The fixing gel is water-soluble and can be easily removed with warm water or steam jet. It is safe to use, it is environmentally friendly as it is 100% organic, it burns ash free in every ceramic furnace, vacuum furnace & in every firing chamber, it leaves no residues on the ceramic material and is therefore suitable for dental work.

The Next (Premium) version is a further development of the fixing agent and as an upgrade it has a stronger adhesive power compared to the standard recipe.

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