CoCr Partial Denture Waxes

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Inexpensive Dental Laboratory Supplies with Personal and Dental Technical Support

High-Quality Dental Waxes "Made in Germany" order Online at Low Prices
Kneadable, reusable, red blocking out wax (750 ml) & pink undercut wax (30 ml tin / 190 g) are ideal for blocking out & parallelising undercuts when duplicating with silicone in the model casting technique. Furthermore, the special waxes kneadable red are suitable for the fabrication of basic UV tray plates, for pouring liquid acrylics, dental impressions / plaster and for pouring liquid resin in dental prosthetics. Red-brown sticky/adhesive wax (30 ml tin / 190 g), with high adhesive power, for fixing soldered joints of metal parts on soldering investments, dental plaster models, fracture repairs, teeth made of dental plastic, pre-claps made of knedable silicone, crowns & bridges made of dental alloys.