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EASY Tec Scan Wax for safe & fast scanning
Laser opaque & light opaque dental wax for modelling, blocking out, scanning and milling (manually) of implant abutments, crowns, bridges, telescopes (primary crowns) and bars for dental scanners. The lowered working temperature of the Scan Wax allows best modelling and scraping properties with lowest shrinkage. It is opaque and suitable for all scanning systems with different scanner colours.

EASY NEM® Biocompatible Discs for CAM milling technology in various thicknesses
Cobalt-Chromium-based metal alloy for high-fusing dental ceramics. The low hardness of the Blanks enables good machining, finishing, polishing with long tool life of the cutters in CNC machines in the dental laboratory and milling centre. The blanks have a diameter of Ø 98.5 mm and are available with and without steps in the thicknesses 8,10,12,14,16,24 mm.

Buy EASY MOD Wax Discs for the CAM milling machine cheap & fast
The wax blanks are plastic-free and due to the organic composition, the milled crowns, bridges & veneers can be cast in the dental labs or pressed with press ceramic systems. The dental wax is not brittle, does not smear, burns ash free without residue and prevents the plaster-bonded investments from cracking or the muffle from bursting. The wax blanks have a diameter of Ø 98.5 mm and are available with steps in 14 mm and 20 mm thickness.

Hurricane® Dental Burs and Grinders with High Quality for CAD/CAM Technology
Compatible for Amann Girrbach® CNC milling machines like Mikro 4X® / 5X - Mikro IC® / Motion 2®. 2 Blade for a gentle and efficient wet processing & dry processing of zircon (soft), cobalt-chrome CoCr, non-precious base metal (soft), PEEK, PMMA and wax. 4 Blade for gentle and efficient wet processing of dental materials such as cobalt-chrome blanks and titanium blanks. Diamond Grinders for gentle and efficient wet processing of zirconium oxide, glass ceramic, lithium disilicate and hybrid ceramics, whether monolithic or multi-layered.

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